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Captian's Choice Fish House Fresh Seafood Menu

We have a delicious lunch and dinner menu. Make sure to try our Coconut Prawns, Tempura Calamari, Crab Alfredo or Fish Hoagie.

*Disclaimer: Prices on this website are subject to change and may not reflect new pricing at Captain's Choice Fish House


We use only the freshest fish fillets cut up for our fish & chips. Deep fried or grilled. Lightly breaded or no breading at all, with fresh lemon pepper, lime pepper, or blackened.

Fish and Chips 14.75
5 pieces of fish, French fries, our home-made coleslaw and garlic toast

Captain's Catch 22.75
10 pieces of fish, fries, coleslaw and garlic toast
Substitute fries, coleslaw and toast for one trip through the salad bar for 3.50

Halibut and Chips 20.75
4 pieces of tempura-style Pacific halibut, fries, coleslaw and garlic toast

Half and Half 16.50
2 pieces of fish and 2 pieces tumpra halibut, fries, coleslaw and toast
Substitute fries for baked potato, mac and cheese, rice or mashed potato for 2.50

Fish and Chowder 15.75
Bowl of chowder, 4 fish, garlic toast
Add halibut 22.50

Fish Only 13.75
4 fish, coleslaw, and garlic toast
Add halibut 22.00


We make our creamy gluten-free clam chowder from scratch fresh throughout the day.

Cup 5.25

Bowl 9.50
Served with garlic toast

Cioppino 22.25
Fish, oysters, clams, scallops, shrimp, crab, stewed in tomato garlic wine sauce and served with garlic toast

Bread Bowl 13.75
Freshly baked sourdough bowl filled with our rich, piping hot chowder. We cut the top off and toast it with our garlic butter and hollow out the bowl.

Oyster Stew 13.75
Made fresh to order, served with garlic toast


Bay Shrimp Salad Topper 5.25

Small Dinner Salad 5.25
Greens, tomato, dressing

Specialty Salads
Include cran raisins, candied walnuts, onion, cheese, tomato, dressing, and toast

Shrimp Louie Salad 18.25
Charbroiled Chicken Breast Salad 15.75
Chef Salad Ham and Turkey 14.75
Charbroiled Salmon Salad* 18.50

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, or eggs may increase risk of foodborne illness


Our 1/3 pound fresh, not frozen, whole muscle beef chuck burgers are served on a pub bun with your choice of French fries, coleslaw or potato salad. Substitute baked potato, mac and cheese, rice, green salad or mashed potato for additional 2.50

Cheese choices: cheddar, Swiss, American, Pepper Jack, blue cheese crumbles, cream cheese

Bacon Cheeseburger 13.75

Cheeseburger 12.75

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger 13.75

Mushroom Cheeseburger 13.75

Hamburger 11.75

Chicken Breast Cheeseburger 14.75
Grilled mushroom and onions with honey mustard dressing

Patty Melt 13.75
Sauteed onions, melted Swiss on grilled rye bread

Overboard Burger 15.75
We definitely went overboard when we created this monster! Two 1/3 lb patties topped with bacon, cheeses, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles

The Big Dipper Burger 15.75
Hoagie bun loaded with beef chuck burger topped with choice of cheese, bacon, and served with au jus for dipping

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, or eggs may increase risk of foodborne illness


All dinners served with vegetable and garlic toast plus your choice of mashed potato, baked potato, mac and cheese, fries, green salad, or brown rice pilaf.

Seafood Fried Combo Platter
Fish, halibut, scallops, clam strips, tempura shrimp, oyster, and mini shrimp

Spicy Sweet Ginger Garlic Shrimp 19.75
6 prawns sauteed with pickled ginger root and garlic to a special spicy mouth watering perfection

4 Coconut Prawns 17.25
Battered and covered in fresh, sweet coconut

5 Prawns 16.75
Tempura deep fried, broiled, or sauteed with garlic butter

Scallops 22.75
Deep sea scallops, sauteed, broiled, or charbroiled

2 Crab Cakes 19.25
We make them homemade moist and grilled golden brown

Shrimp Skewers 18.25
Shrimp on a stick charbroiled with garlic butter

Calamari Tempura or Calamari Steak 17.75
Strips deep fried or steak breaded and grilled

2 Prawns and 3 Fish 18.75
Add halibut 24.50

2 Oysters and 3 Fish 19.25

2 Oysters and 3 Prawns 20.75

Clam Strips 17.50
Delicious fried and battered surf clam strips

No Batter Platter 24.50
Charbroiled shrimp skewer and scallops, broiled oyster and prawns, grilled fish, and halibut

Shrimp Combo 22.25
Shrimp cocktail, tempura prawns, mini shrimp

Oyster Dinner 21.75
Tender oysters lightly breaded, grilled, or fried to a golden brown

Steamer Clams 15.75
Tossed in garlic butter

Salmon Steak* 18.75
Grilled or charbroiled

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, or eggs may increase risk of foodborne illness


Seafood Alfredo with Gluten-Free Alfredo Sauce 20.50
Prawns, fish, scallops, Bay Shrimp, covered with our own rich Alfredo sauce, served with garlic toast

Chicken Alfredo 17.75
Tender chicken breast with our own homemade, rich gluten-free Alfredo sauce and garlic toast

Sauteed Scampi 17.75
6 prawns sauteed in a white wine sauce with fresh lemon, garlic, and green onions served over noodles or brown rice, served with garlic toast and vegetable


Old Fashioned Meatloaf 14.75
Served with fresh mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetable and dinner roll

Chicken Strip Platter 14.75
Chicken strips, fries and garlic toast

Chicken Breast 14.75

10oz Rib Eye Steak* 21.25

8oz. NY Steak* 19.75
Charbroiled or Grilled. Served with vegetable & texas toast, plus your choice of mashed potato, baked potato, mac & cheese, fries, cottage cheese, or green salad.


Served with your choice of coleslaw, potato salad, or French fries. Substitute fries for baked potato, mac and cheese, rice, green salad or mashed potatoes for 3.00

Crab Melt 16.25
Moist crab grilled with garlic butter and melted cheese served on your choice of bread

Open Face Crab Shrimp Hoagie 13.50
Crab and bay shrimp on top of a grilled hoagie bun. Smothered in garlic butter and alfredo sauce then covered with melted mozzarella cheese

French Dip 13.50
Slow cooked roast beef, thinly sliced, served on toasted hoagie roll with au jus for dipping

Tuna Melt 12.75
We make a spread canned tuna topped with melted cheese with fresh tomatoes on your choice of grilled bread

Oyster Hoagie 15.25
Fresh local oysters deep fried or grilled to a golden brown, served on a toasted hoagie, with a tangy tartar sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles

Skipper's Club 14.25
Ham, turkey, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, Mayo, served on two slices of toasted bread of your choice

Shrimp Melt 13.50
Bay Shrimp grilled with garlic butter and melted cheese on grilled bread of your choice

Fish Hoagie 13.25
Fresh lightly breaded fish served on a toasted hoagie roll with lettuce, tomato, onions and tartar sauce
Add halibute 17.75

Chicken Sub 13.25
Crispy breaded chicken, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and Mayo served on a toasted hoagie

Gourmet Grilled Cheese 10.75
Mild cheddar, aged Swiss and American cheese served on grilled bread of your choice
Add ham 1.75

Oysters on the Half Shell 2.00 EA
Local fresh oysters, see the harvest beds from the bridge
Broiled with garlic butter 3.00 EA


Soft Drinks 2.50
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Lemonade, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Mountain Dew

Iced Tea 2.50

Coffee and Decaf 2.50

Hot Tea 2.50

Spiced Apple Cider 2.50

Milk 1.75

Chocolate Milk 2.00

Juice 1.25
Apple or Cranberry

Fresh Strawberry Lemonade 2.50

French Vanilla Cappuccino 2.50

Hot Chocolate 2.50


Big Fat Chocolate Cake 9.75

Blackberry Pie 3.75

Ice Cream Scoop 1.75

Carrot Cake 5.25

Raspberry Cheese Cake 5.75


3 Fish, Cottage Cheese, and Tomato 10.75

3 Prawns and Fries 10.25

Grilled Cheese and Fries 6.00

4 Corn Pups and Fries 6.00

3 Oysters and Fries 11.50

2 Fish Tacos 10.00

Chicken Strips and Fries 8.25

3 Fish and Chips 10.25
Add halibut 13.75

1/2 Hamburger and Fries 6.75
With lettuce and tomato

Hot dog and Fries 4.00
With onion, tomato and relish

Mac and Cheese 3.00

3 Coconut Prawns and Fries 12.50

BLT 11.25
On your choice of bread

Clam Strips and Fries 9.50

Fettuccine Alfredo 8.75

Mini Shrimp and Fries 8.75

No substitutions on Young & Light


Cup of clam chowder, coleslaw, French fries, garlic toast and your choice of the following:

4 Fish
OR 16 Mini Shrimp
OR Fresh Oysters Fried or Grilled

Substitute fries for baked potato, mac and cheese, rice, or mashed potato for 3.00

Captain's Choice Fish House
1210 Virginia Ave, North Bend, OR 97459

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